Pediatric Urology (Current Clinical Urology) pdf download

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Pediatric Urology (Current Clinical Urology). John P. Gearhart

Pediatric Urology (Current Clinical Urology)

Download Pediatric Urology (Current Clinical Urology)

Pediatric Urology (Current Clinical Urology) John P. Gearhart ebook pdf
Language: English
Page: 344
ISBN: 1588291103, 9781592594214

From The New England Journal of Medicine

Pediatric urology is a relatively young subspecialty. The diagnosis and management of urologic disorders is continuously changing, as the pathophysiology of problems of the genitourinary system becomes better understood. The major urology textbooks contain sections addressing pediatric urology, but they do not comprehensively cover all relevant topics. It has been nearly 10 years since the last publication of a textbook focusing on the surgical and medical aspects of pediatric urology. Pediatric urology is truly an international subspecialty, with innovations arising on all continents. The internationally renowned editors of this book have recruited expert contributors from around the world. The first section of the book covers the basics of pediatric urology. There is an excellent review of normal fetal and postnatal genitourinary physiology, followed by an extensive discussion (nine chapters) of the morphologic and functional evaluation of the urinary tract. The section on imaging contains excellent reproductions of images of most of the common congenital abnormalities encountered in children with urologic problems, making this an excellent reference for those interpreting routine radiologic images. Most of the chapters emphasize pathophysiology. For example, the section on vesicoureteral reflux begins with a chapter discussing historical data, clinical outcomes, and experimental data with regard to reflux. Chapters dealing with the medical, endoscopic, and surgical treatment of vesicoureteral reflux follow. The editors have done an excellent job of ensuring that there is little duplication of information in the various sections, and the wide coverage gives readers a comprehensive understanding of abnormalities of the urinary tract. The references are complete and up to date. Psychosocial and sexual outcomes have always been important in pediatric urology. New concepts related to sex assignment, the timing of genital reconstruction, and current outcomes after such reconstruction are discussed in two chapters. The surgical approach to these complex anomalies has changed substantially during the past 10 years. These topics have recently received considerable attention in the lay press and on the Internet, and these chapters provide an authoritative basis for discussions with patients. Pediatric urology is a surgical subspecialty, but this book is not a surgical atlas. Some chapters discuss all possible operative techniques in detail, with excellent line drawings or photographs of surgery that would be excellent aids in the treatment of patients. Other chapters (one on obstruction of the ureteropelvic junction, for example) seem to minimize the potential complexity and variability in anatomy and discuss briefly only a single surgical technique. The last section deals with reconstruction and surgery for urinary incontinence. Most reconstructions are performed in children with a neurogenic bladder secondary to spinal dysraphism (myelomeningocele). Surprisingly, there is very little discussion of the medical management of neuropathic urinary incontinence in this book. Patients with this condition require surveillance from birth to adulthood, and their condition may be one of the most complex that is evaluated and managed in a pediatric urologist's office. The appendix is usually an afterthought in textbooks. In this book, by contrast, it is a superlative section with a byline and provides invaluable information, including reference laboratory values, physical-examination norms, and a formulary. Overall, Pediatric Urology is an excellent textbook, addressing most aspects of the field in a comprehensive fashion. It has been written by the latest generation of pediatric urologists and should serve as a very useful reference for pediatric urologists and others who take care of children with urologic problems. Douglas E. Coplen, M.D.
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"...provides an excellent update into the current state of the art for pediatric urology...easy to read and it is well illustrated. Pediatric nephrologists would find this a good way to update themselves on current standards in pediatric urology. Trainee surgeons will also find this a useful overview of the subject, as the book is concise enough to read in a single session." - Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health "Currently there are few books that provide a nice summary of current pediatric urological principles. This book will be useful for any individual who desires such a review." -Doody's Health Sciences and Book Review Journal

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